As one of the oldest lodges in the Metropolitan District, Lodge 500 has retained the right to meet in the Grand Lodge Room and to defeat any attempt to give it a name (despite a number of such attempts: 'Crimson Lodge' in 1834; 'Balbriggan (or Balbriggen) Lodge' in 1845; and 'Eblana Lodge' in 1856). The Lodge badge incorporates the Hexalpha, or Star of David, a symbol more usually associated with a different branch of Freemasonry. Like many other Lodges up to the year 1874, it elected its officers for a term of only six months. the Lodge Working incorporates a minor, but long-standing variation in the Deacons' movements during Degrees, a variation disapproved (but not outlawed by the Grand Lodge of Instruction.

The Lodge motto, taken from the 1867 edition of the bye-laws, is 'Tuta Silentio Merces' or 'There is a safe refuge in silence'.